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Why Will You Approach Us?

OEVS is committed to serving the top-class services to help you fulfil your desire to go abroad to pursue your higher study in the best possible institutions in some of the world’s finest countries. We have dedicated consultants with ample expertise in this foreign education industry for more than 10 years, making the OEVS one of the top education consultancies in Bangladesh with their most practical advice.


With our optimum service, amicable and skilful consultants, and a high number of successful admission cases, OEVS has evolved into one of the most trustworthy consultancy firms with 2000 delighted clients, 500+ international students, and 375 visa processing cases in just last year alone. This year we expect this number to double because only we can provide you with the most up-to-date and latest information regarding immigration as our consultants are keeping abreast with all countries’ educational institutions both from Bangladesh and abroad during the pandemic.


At your visit here, you will get all sorts of information regarding your prospective degree abroad, course information, a wide range of available courses, and career-related advice with no consultation fee at all. Well, if that still seems complicated for you, we will arrange a virtual meeting with you to answer all your queries relevant to your overseas education pathway.

Free Consultation

Our free consultation involves arranging a consultation with some of the top-notch foreign education experts, either physically or virtually. In either session, you will get the most useful counselling on studying at various universities in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, etc. You will be given the maximum time to know more about the unlimited opportunities available to your chosen country and institution, their running courses, course materials, minimum IELTS score requirement, tuition fees, admission process, and application process to both universities and for the visa. We will check the eligibility score to find the best-suited course for you for sure.

Admission to study abroad


Getting admission into the right institution according to your eligibility score and preference is always hard and requires an in-depth crosscheck. Our consultants will run a check on your preference and application so that we can offer you a suitable institution within the right country for better education, quicker adaptability, and a brighter future career ahead. We will provide you with information about what it takes to fulfil your dream, such as place of study,  top-class universities, courses, course materials, course fees for the international students, ongoing scholarships, career choice, future residency opportunities, etc.

Application Process

One of the biggest challenges of enrolling in the top universities abroad is undergoing the application process. Your chance of getting into your desired universities can be shattered if your application process is hampered by the lack of expertise or attentiveness. You need someone to guide you thoroughly throughout the whole process so that nothing goes out wrong in the end. The first impression is the last impression. Therefore, if your foreign study journey begins with an inaccurate application process, all other processes followed will be wrong too.


In contrast, while booking the consultation with our counsellor, you will go through the application hand in hand with them and resolve the problems and hurdles together so that you can be sure from your side and so can be our experts from theirs.



Majority of the students applying to other countries for study seek out the scholarship as it will fund their expenses from fees to student life altogether. Scholarships are not the same for all countries, and their requirements and types vary. We remain informed on every little information about the scholarship, their types, eligibility criteria, applicability on specific courses, and country-to-country wise offer. One simple call and a free sit-down with you will solve your scholarship queries right away.

Our process of consulting

Sudy abroad succes of students

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